The Fight

The Fight

Putting these on every day, has been the most difficult part of my day for the last month. And the trouble starts the night before, when I look forward to the time when I will begin my day with exercise. And I don’t mean “look forwar” with great joy and excitement. It’s so troublesome to me because, It was so easy not so long ago. But lately not so much. I don’t really like this new phase of life I’m going through. I now know why they call it what they do; …..menopause, because “beware ye men -o- pause.” But with God’s help, I put them on, and get crackin. This too shall pass.


Narraganset, Rhode Island…. “beauty by the sea….”

Recently, we discovered that we wouldn’t have to spend our summer in “parking lot” like traffic on the bridges, in order to go to the beach.  Narraganset is just down the road.  We spent the first sunny and 50 degree day of the spring, on the beach.  But as you can see, things don’t quite heat up the way they do down south in Beaufort, South Carolina.  All I can say is , it’s a good thing Daddy reminded us of where we were.  Scarves and mittens were a part of our wardrobe that day, and we are happy for the reminder.  But it didn’t seem to bother the completely covered in rubber from head to toe people, who were surfing.  The landscape was mesmerizing; however and I managed to catch some great pics of the kids.  And, one of the Darling Husband and I taken by Gabby.  She did a great job.

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